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Trump sues House committee investigating riot on Capitol Hill******

Former US President Donald Trump on Monday sued the US congressional committee investigating the January 6 riot at the Capitol, claiming members made an illegal request for his White House records.

Trump, in a lawsuit filed in the US District Court for the District of Columbia, asserted that materials sought by the House of Representatives committee are covered by a legal doctrine known as executive privilege, which protects the confidentiality of some White House communications.

"The Committee's requests are unprecedented in their breadth and scope and are untethered from any legitimate legislative purpose," Trump's lawyer, Jesse Binnall, wrote in the lawsuit.

Committee members Liz Cheney, a Republican from Wyoming, and Bennie Thompson, a Democrat from Mississippi, said in a written statement issued in response to Trump's lawsuit that the former president was seeking to "delay and obstruct" their investigation.

"It's hard to imagine a more compelling public interest than trying to get answers about an attack on our democracy and an attempt to overturn the results of an election," Cheney and Thompson said in the statement.

Hundreds of Trump supporters stormed the seat of Congress on January 6 in a failed bid to prevent lawmakers from certifying Democratic President Joe Biden's election victory. More than 600 people face criminal charges stemming from the event.

Trump was impeached by the Democratic-led House on a charge of inciting the attack on the Capitol in a fiery speech at a rally earlier that day. He was acquitted by the Senate.

Biden earlier this month authorized the National Archives to turn over an initial batch of documents requested by the select committee. The Archives has said it would turn over the requested material next month, according to Trump's lawsuit, which seeks an injunction halting that process.

Michael Stern, a former congressional lawyer, said Trump's strategy may be to use litigation to stall the select committee's work.

"If he is willing to pay for the lawyers, Trump could delay the production of records for some time," Stern said.

The January 6 committee has also issued subpoenas demanding testimony from Trump advisers, including political strategist Steve Bannon, who has refused to testify until Trump's assertion of executive privilege has been resolved by a court or through negotiations with the committee.

The committee has subpoenaed other officials including former Justice Department official Jeffrey Clark, Trump former chief of staff Mark Meadows, deputy chief of staff Dan Scavino and former Defense Department official Kash Patel.


HK Nitra win in overtime to stay on top of Slovak Tipos Extraliga******

BRATISLAVA, Oct. 23 (Xinhua) -- HK Nitra continued to dominate the Slovak ice hockey premiership Tipos Extraliga on Friday, winning their ninth match in 10 rounds, for the fourth time this season in overtime though.

The league leaders edged out HC Nove Zamky 3-2 in a regional derby hosting HC Nove Zamky as Tomas Hrnka completed Nitra's overtime win with a powerplay goal to serve the visitors their third consecutive defeat.

Jozef Balaz scored shorthanded in the first period, and Samuel Bucek tied the game at 2-2 in the second period, pushing the game into OT.

HK Poprad's struggle continued after losing its fourth consecutive Tipos Extraliga match as Kristers Gudlevskis closed the curtain behind his back and brought Slovan to a close but vital 2-1 victory.

"To be honest, the match could have gone either way. Both teams did not perform on their usual level as both were missing several players," admitted Slovan coach Robert Doeme.

Struggling newcomer HC Grotto Presov snapped its series of four losses in a fixture against the second-ranked HK Dukla Ingema Michalovced.

The home team took the lead in the first period but Presov produced a superb second period, scoring three goals in succession, with two on a powerplay, and laid a solid foundation for the 4-1 victory. The visiting Russian goalie Nikita Bespalov had a great night with a whopping 40 saves.

Elsewhere, HKM Zvolen keeps on delivering and climbing the standings - now in fourth place. Four members of Zvolen got on the scoreboard in the first period, helping the home team beat HK DUkla Trencin 4-3.

HK Spisska Nova Ves lost three places and slipped down to the penultimate spot after surrendering to HC Kosice 7-1 on home ice. The visiting left-winger from Russia Vadim Pereskokov had a goal and 2 assists.

After snapping its streak of defeats in the previous round, MHK 32 Liptovsky Mikulas was hoping for another solid result, leading against HC '05 Banska Bystrica 2-0 into the final period. But the visitors mounted a superb comeback in the final stretch, scoring four goals in a row with four different shooters, effectively turning the game around.

Earlier in the week, Poprad and Trencin played out their 17th round fixture in advance and HK Dukla Trencin won 3-2. Enditem

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但是要说为什么一些腐向的cp会招一部分人的讨厌 只能说是要么就是他们的粉丝有些过于痴迷,在不该刷的地方也刷这个西皮。关于这些弹幕小遍觉得处理比较好的就是《黑塔利亚》了。第二个方面就是有些cp和官配之间的小打小闹。但是既然大家都喜欢这部作品,就应该好好的相处起来,这样才能让二次元这个圈子更加和平。

极客简报|iPhone AirPods 3 刮耳朵;荣誉第三季度反超小米;Redmi 被喷不良知******引言。索尼发布微单反手机上,苹果财报不达预估,Google发布大屏幕系统软件。

Redmi Note 11 系列产品发布,天矶 920 被喷不良知?

Redmi Note 11 系列产品是这周的网络热点型号,主推型号规格为 Pro 和 Pro ,二者均采取了天矶 920 集成ic,三星 AMOLED 显示屏和 1 亿像素主摄。而他们的差别在充电电池和电池充电层面,Pro 有着 5160mAh 大充电电池配对 67W 快速充电,Pro 则为 4500mAh 充电电池配对该价格特有的 120W 快速充电,2款均装有全输出功率充电器。

与以前不一样的是,此次 Note 11 系列产品把商品重心点放到了外场配备上,但关键配备却挑选了天矶 920 集成ic,略逊于核心的骁龙处理器 778G,从而也引起了许多粉丝的调侃。以后卢伟冰表述到,特性更强的 Note 10 Pro(天矶 1100 集成ic)仍会再次出售,之后 Note 系列产品也会维持一年双更的节奏感,大伙儿按需选购就可以。

本人觉得,此次的 Note 11 系列产品实际上是在比较有限预算金以内,为顾客又给予了一种产品类别,并没过多非常值得调侃的地区,并且在该价格中,作出选择一定是肯定的,确立要求才更关键。

我有一颗黑金卡心,索尼 Xperia 1 PRO-I 发布。

索尼这周发布了自己旗舰级 Xperia 1 PRO-I,在其中 I 意味着 Image,即影象工作能力十分专业的意思。

Xperia 1 PRO-I 较大闪光点是其所配置的 1 英尺鞋底,索尼声称该技术性根据黑卡相机 RX100 VII 的图像感应器,并对于手机上开展了独特提升,除此之外,Xperia PRO-I 还适用 RAW 12-bit 拍攝及其 F2.0 和 F4.0 两种可调式焦距。总得来说,如同索尼宣传策划的那般,这也是一款当之无愧的「微单反手机上」。

但是,因为该设备的摄像镜头限定,图象数据没法全遮盖 1 英尺的感应器,事实上等效电路总面积为 1/1.3 英尺。但即使如此,撇开感应器总面积不谈,这款手机上的照相机感受和作用仍然独具一格,有很多非常值得毫无疑问的地区。

Android 12 大屏幕版发布。

在这周举行的开发人员高峰会上,Google 出乎意料地公布了一个独特的 Android 12 升级——对于显示屏机器设备提升的 Android 12L,取名中的「L」意味着的也就是 Large Screen。

在系统软件方面中,Android 12L 在包含屏保,通知中心都使用了两栏式设计方案;运用栏则是运用了相近 Windows 11 中产生的中置运用目录的款式;当网络检测到当今机器设备显示屏总宽超过 600dp 时。会默认设置以 Android 12L 中的各类合理布局来表明內容。此外还加入了相近 Chrome OS 的 Dock 栏及拖动分屏功能,实际操作上与目前 Android 中的分屏功能的应用方法也是有非常大差别。

现阶段,对于 Android 12L 的手机模拟器早已朝向开发人员发布,想抢鲜可以下载 Android Studio 的全新预览版感受,宣布升级将在2022年发布。将来,Google 早已公布三星 Galaxy Z Fold 3 折叠手机及其联想小新 Pad 系列产品平板电脑新产品会第一批抢鲜这一新设计的升级。

关系阅读文章:《大屏定制 小组件复兴,Android 12 正式版亮点导览》。

越南地区产 AirPods 3 刮耳朵里面,质量乃至比不上深圳华强北。

本周二是 AirPods 3 的交货日期,据第一批选购用户满意度,她们接到的 AirPods 3 普遍现象质量差的难题,例如接缝处参差不齐,有强力胶残余,有毛刺,乃至还会继续发生耳机有电流声的状况。以后网民们再次体现,这批有什么问题的 AirPods 3 基本上都为越南地区代工生产生产制造,而国内生产制造出难题的几率相对性小一些。无论怎样说,能够发觉iPhone好像减少了品质管理规范。

从2019逐渐,为了更好地抑制肺炎疫情对物品供货的危害,iPhone就在越南地区布署了 AirPods 生产流水线,先前已经有网民体现越南地区产的 AirPods Pro 品质不合格,而此次的 AirPods 3 也是困难的聚集暴发,案发以后有网民对于此事吐槽道,越南制造连深圳华强北都比不上。

假如你悲剧买到有严重瑕疵的越南版 AirPods 3,本人提议立即售后服务解决,终究 AirPods 的价格昂贵,顾客理当享有更强的感受。


iPhone这周发布了全新一季财报。数据信息表明,新一季的总营业收入和纯利润对比同期相比各自提高了 29% 和 62%。除此之外,大中华地区的营业收入对比同期相比猛增了 83%,不会太难猜到华为公司丧失的市场份额被iPhone取走了一大半。而从商品的角度看来,Mac 的营业收入创出了历史数据,这关键得益于 M1 MacBook Air 的强悍市场的需求。



目前为止,Canalys 和 Counterpoint 俩家权威部门的数据信息都表明,在刚以往的第三季度里,荣誉的市场占有率追上小米,初次占有了我国第三的部位。先前荣誉也曾表明,月市场份额乃至周市场份额都是有过优异主要表现,但统计分析周期时间过短没法服众,而此次在第三季度中总算超过了小米,也算得上强有力证实了自身。

老实巴交讲,本人对荣誉的考试成绩的确觉得十分诧异,但是细心回忆,自打 6 月份荣誉 50 发布以后,荣誉迅速建立起了全新升级的产品组合策略,集团旗下的商品也遮盖到各个销售市场中,并且方式工作能力也是十分出色。自然,这也离不了华为手机的技术服务和荣誉对高档品牌形象的营造。这般一看,工作压力又走到了小米这里。

Xperia 10 III 不会再赠予充电器,但你临时无须「迫不得已环境保护」。


在这个行业,索尼是全新一个尝试吃蟹的手机厂商:这周,索尼法国子公司在公示中表明:将在包含官方网站以内的一部分营销渠道,终止为刚发布没多久的新手机 Xperia 10 III 包裝内附赠充电器,与此同时在别的线下推广/零售商方式,索尼 Xperia 10 III 依然会附赠充电器,而针对挑选了沒有充电器版本号的客户,索尼给予了提议市场价格减少 10 欧(折合 75 元RMB)的折扣优惠。

但是,实际上这现阶段也还仅仅索尼在法国的一个试验性方案,并且 Xperia 10 III 尽管自身适用 30W PD 快速充电,但包裝内附赠的却仅仅一枚 7.5w 的充电器,针对许多客户而言,的确沒有很大的用途。但就算是闪烁其词的 7.5w 充电器,索尼在这类很有可能会导致客户厌烦的更改上也仍非常慎重。

双十一来临,Redmi K40S 能不能按期亮相?

双十一对决将要在今夜拉开序幕,但是很多人希望的 Redmi K40S 都还没发布官方公告。以前大家曾曝出过,Redmi K40S 是国内版本号的小米 11T,精准定位中高档,配备和标价都很吸引人,假如依照同期相比的节奏感,这款商品有可能会在双十一当日与大家碰面,但2021年遭受集成ic断货的危害,也有可能会延迟发布。



Windows XP 问世 20 周年纪念了。

2021 年 10 月 25 日是 Windows XP 系统软件问世 20 周年纪念的留念日。

在那时候,Windows XP 针对 PC 的更改是颠覆性的,最令人震撼的莫过视觉传达设计,它选用了独特的颜色设计风格,和睦的圆弧主题风格,清爽的蓝天白云草原壁纸,也有精美的系统图标。

现如今,Windows XP 早已变成了很多人青春年少的一部分,大家也找到一些那时候的系统截图,一起来回忆下它吧。

文中由极客公园 GeekPark 原創发布,转截请加上极克君(ID:geekparker)。








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